Friday, 6 April 2012

The Syndicate: S1 Ep2

On TV: Tuesday 3rd April 2012
Channel: BBC One 9pm
Episode Type: 2/5
In 1 Sentence: A more touching story this week that while predictable is really rather satisfying...
BBC Summary: Five-part drama by Kay Mellor, following five supermarket workers whose lives are turned upside down when they jointly win the lottery.
Ep2: Denise is left devastated when husband Dave announces he is leaving her. She embarks on a personal mission to win him back, but Leanne thinks she is going too far. Denise and Leanne hit the shops, Pretty Woman-style. The police investigation into the robbery leaves Stuart and Jamie to answer some awkward questions, and Bob's brain scan reveals a potential problem. Meanwhile, someone from Leanne's past tries to make contact after the lottery win is announced.

My Review: This second episode didn’t fail to disappoint after last week’s excellent opener. While last week focused on Stuart and his brother Jamie’s criminal quest for money which ended tragically, this week we had a more personal story which followed Denise and how the lottery win completely changed her life. Hours before she discovered her win we see her husband leave her and her life having to work at the shop and look after her mum. After winning millions of pounds she sets out trying to win her husband back deciding to have plastic surgery. What follows are are few surprises and many sweet moments, especially between Denise and close friend Leanne (played by Joanna Page). Lorraine Bruce who plays Denise was brilliant as we see Denise literally transform inward and out and become better for it. 
While the plot may not have been the most original, it was done in such a fresh way that it well and truly reeled me in from start to finish. 
The Syndicate is shaping up to be my favourite drama currently on telly...
Score: 8.5/10

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