Sunday, 1 April 2012

March: Top 20 (Part 2)

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of March 2012's Top 20 music list. I hope you enjoyed part 1 and are excited to see the remaining 10-1 songs! As a side-note I'm really excited for Calvin Harris' new song Let's Go featuring Ne-Yo! Once again it looks like Mr Harris will be the soundtrack of the Summer...

10. Katy Perry - Part of Me
This song got firmly stuck in my head for a solid week last month. While thankfully its effects have now worn off I have to give it credit for how catchy this song is. And the video is interesting too...
Katy goes military

9. Rihanna (feat. Jay Z) - Talk That Talk
Rihanna and Jay Z pair up once again and, naturally, it's a hit. The two together always seem to create something edgy which reels you in. I can't wait to see her in June!
audio wonder

8. Rizzle Kicks - Traveller's Chant
I love the laidback chilled feel to this song as well as the energy it gives me as I think more about my travel plans in the Summer. Rizzle Kicks are similar to Tinie Tempah in their pure British and honest rapping. Yet their a bit younger and the two of them bounce off each other meaning their songs always touch something within you. It's surprisingly serious but just a really well put together single that shows the two have real longevity. 
fisheye travel

7. Plan B - Ill Manors
Plan B takes on the recent political and social issues of time and so obviously looks deeper at the London riots and takes the mickey out of Cameron et al. Yet, for all the controversy he clearly wants to court his lyrics have real meaning and are smartly put together. He has placed himself firmly as the voice of our generation...
at the scene of the crime

6. Azealia Banks (feat. Lazy Jay) - 212
Addictive, fast-paced - I can't get enough of the beats on this song. The middle section is just ridiculously good. You just can't help but dance...
white teeth

5. Jay Z & Kanye West - Paris
Last week I featured this fantastic song as my Tune of the Day and I still very much love it. Admittedly it grew on me but now whenever I hear the first notes I whack it up and start swaying. It's dark, gritty and compulsive...
Gig Art

4. Chase & Status - No Problem
I could not get enough of this song this month! After finally getting my hands on No More Idols this first track had me enraptured and definitely livened up the washing up! It just makes me even more excited about seeing them. No one can sit still when listening to this song!!
visual scares

3. Artic Monkeys - R U Mine?
Proving once again that they are a force to be reckoned with, Artic Monkeys release this smash of a record as a one-off single. Incredibly fun to sing-a-long to and rock out to in the car (just as they do in the video!) it is pure British rock and roll!
Car Radio

2. Nicki Minaj - Starships
I adore how this song starts off as a feel-good Summer pop song and then descends into something else entirely as it gets down and dirty into some brilliant dance beats! The perfect summer song!
starships were meant to fly

1. Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
I had a bit of a dilemma over which video to put here - the old gorgeous vintage one or the new dark and watery one. I opted for the latter if only because you can see Lana even more! What can I say about this song?! Only that it's my favourite of the year so far and it has been on constant repeat all month! Or that I've consistently had dreams where Blue Jeans was the soundtrack and I woke up to it playing in my head - which in my opinion is one of the optimum ways of waking! Thank you brain! If you haven't heard any of Lana Del Rey's music - where have you been?! She is 100% the break-out star of 2012 and... that's right I get to see her in only a couple of months!! Beyond excited! :D
Pool Side

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