Friday, 17 August 2012

American Pie 3: The Wedding

UK Release: 15th August 2003
Watched on Recorded TV: Wednesday 25th July 2012
Rating: 15
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 36mins
Tagline: Forever hold your piece.
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Jim Levenstein has finally found the courage to ask his girlfriend, Michelle Flaherty to marry him. She agrees to get married, but the problems don't stop there for Jim. Now along with Paul Finch and Kevin Myers, Jim must plan the wedding. Unfortunately Steve Stifler is in town and won't let the wedding go past without having some fun himself, which includes setting up a secret bachelor party.

A Quick Review: My suspicions were unfortunately true. Each American Pie is getting severely worse. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the first was the only decent one of the franchise and so I shan’t be continuing I don’t think. However it was a nice way to end the franchise with the joining of the two character we’ve seen come together over all this time. It’s just a shame it all gets so ridiculous and unrealistic. I did like January Jones guest performance though. It was funny to see her as anything but the perfectly poised yet fractured Betty Draper - that kept be entertained enough until the end. The rest were more immature jokes and skits that got progressively worse and often not needed much at all.
Here lies the end of my American Pie liking...

Score: 4.5/10

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