Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lost: Season 1

On TV: 2004-2005
Watched on DVD boxset: Sunday 13th - Saturday 19th November 2011
Episode Type: Episodes 1-24 at about 45 minute duration (or 18 hours worth!)

In 1 Sentence: Highly addictive, mysterious and moving - one of the best television shows ever made!
A Summary: Close to fifty people survive a violent plane crash at an unknown location in the South Pacific. A dying pilot reveals that the plane was about a thousand miles off course when the crew lost radio contact. While no one knows exactly where or why the plane crashed cooler heads are confident they'll soon be rescued. Jack, a surgeon from LA quickly establishes himself as the leader of the group and organizes rounding up supplies, finding water, and building shelter. But as supplies begin to run low and mysterious creatures from the jungle emerge, the island doesn’t seem like such a paradise...

My Review: Make sure you have a spare week before embarking on the epic journey that is Lost, as you'll have no life after watching it - it's that good! Right from the very beginning you are reeled in with an explosive beginning as the survivors find themselves in the middle of a plane crash. As it becomes clearer that help isn’t going to come it makes for a fascinating watch. What’s best about Lost is that there is always something new every episode as the story slowly unfolds and you learn more and more about the island and the characters. This is done cleverly through flashbacks and each episode centres around a particular character showing how they got here. Putting such a variety of characters on an island together with no way out then it makes for high drama - how would you react in that situation? It also has a mix of genres; one second it can be scary, hilarious and emotional all at once.
Shot as if it is the latest Hollywood blockbuster, it looks stunning. But what makes it so engrossing is the mystery. Anything could happen, which is why it works so well... 
Score: 9/10

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