Monday, 18 February 2013

She's All That

UK Release: 21st May 1999
Watched on DVD: Wednesday 12th December 2012
Rating: 12
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1hr 35mins
IMDb Plot Synopsis: Freddie Prinze Jr. stars as a high school hottie who makes a bet with a fellow classmate that he can turn geeky Rachel Leigh Cook into a Prom Queen. Problems arise when hot shot Prinze becomes involved and in love with the transformed Cook.

A Quick Review: After having seen the start many years ago on TV, I decided to finally finish the film and see for myself why She’s All That is supposedly a teen classic. It has all the cliches of so-called ‘nerdy’ girl turned beautiful and popular so the jock falls in love with her, and yet somehow doesn’t completely make you want to puke. Freddie Prinze Jr. gives the jock a heart and there are many funny and sweet moments which turns this film from bearable to kind of adorable! Plus it stars the ridiculously young Anna Paquin which was an added bonus!
Recommended for pre-teens but those looking for an innocent 90s nostalgia kick need look no further...

Score: 7/10

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